Our Leaders

Get to know our amazing leadership team!

Beaver Leaders

Our Beaver section is ran by Ceri Morgan (Mouse). Ceri is our Beaver Scout Leader. She has a team of Assistant Beaver Leaders who are on hand to help her run the colony. Theses are Janice Henshaw (Tic-Tac) and Hannah Strapp-Parry (Squirrel).

Cub Leaders

Our Cub Pack is one of the biggest in the district! We're not too sure why, however it may be down to our leadership team? Our Cub Leader is Ricky Pollard (Akela). He has Em Nicholls (Bumble) and Caoimhe Martin (Raksha) at his side as his Assistant Cub Leaders. Our Cub section is also assisted by a group of young leaders. They are Jacob Jones (Explorer), Shannon Small (Dora), Angle Ward and Charlie Jones.

Scout Leaders

Our Scout Troop is growing bigger and stronger by the year. This is all down to the dedicated and hard working leaders. Our Scout Leader is Simon Williams (Skip). Simon is also our Group Scout Leader (GSL). Like the other sections he is assisted by his team of Assistant Scout Leaders. These are Jane Dawson, Matthew Jones, Mitch Roberts and Jan Docherty.